International Brain Test

Welcome to the International Brain Test.

You can measure your IQ simply by answering this test on the web.

Take the test in an environment where you can concentrate as much as possible. This test consists of 30 questions.

Through the test, your IQ, your ability to process information, and the ability to think logically are quantified as IQ.

The last 20 results

  • qwe

    IQ : 92
  • Nezir_Emoboy

    IQ : 125
  • nackey

    IQ : 154
  • fatih kiratli

    IQ : 125
  • fatih kiratli

    IQ : 110
  • 疋田隆二

    IQ : 154
  • shinmatsu

    IQ : 154
  • yuta

    IQ : 133
  • takashi yamamoto

    IQ : 117
  • IQ : 117
  • あああ

    IQ : 110
  • 内藤隆

    IQ : 110
  • g

    IQ : 166
  • タカユキ

    IQ : 104
  • ARU

    IQ : 125
  • 樋口真治

    IQ : 154
  • まお

    IQ : 133
  • shinji higuchi

    IQ : 154
  • shinji

    IQ : 117
  • spoof

    IQ : 80

About the International Brain Test

This test is used for various purposes. Firstly, by expressing numerical comprehension ability, information processing ability, and logical thinking ability, it is possible to understand individual ability in comparison with society as a whole.
Secondly, by measuring IQ, you can measure the average value of IQ by the development process and occupational ability.

Effect of the International Brain Test

This test is created by a team of psychologists. By making it available on the Web, users around the world can take this test.
The data from this test will be accumulated and will be updated to more accurate numbers.

Characteristics of people with high IQ

  • You have the ability to always ask yourself all kinds of questions and learn wisdom on your own.
  • It's not an academic skill that centers on 'memory,' but more on 'analytical and thinking skills.
  • No matter what you do, you swallow quickly and get results.
  • Ability to understand conversations quickly and communicate a lot in a short amount of time.

International brain test as an intelligence test

A very low IQ is defined as a potential developmental disorder*. (*The diagnosis is based on the IQ test. If you need more detailed information, please contact a medical institution.) Regardless of your physical ability, you may be less conscious of intellectual activities than the general public. Another example is that you are having difficulty communicating.


For this test, statistics are created based on what the test taker entered. Statistics are generated from examinee data worldwide. Please use it when you analyze the test results.

General and international distribution of IQ

Distribution by age group